Message from our Councillor

Site Plan Control Application – 745 Smyth Road

A Site Plan Control application is under review to construct a bus loop in the front yard of Vincent Massey Elementary School to help manage traffic around the site during peak hours and improve safety.

The school site is located on the northeast corner of Smyth Road and Edgecombe Street. The school site is approximately 3.8 hectares and include the school building, parking lot, play areas. The immediate land uses are low-rise residential lands.

The proposed change will construct a bus loop in front of the school to remove busses from Smyth Road, improving safety of pedestrian and students. The existing parking lot entrance from Smyth Road will be closed further improving pedestrian safety. The access to the parking lot will be from Edgecombe Street.

You can read more about this project and submit your feedback here.

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