“As many of you are already aware, late yesterday afternoon our community experienced a shocking act of brazen and reckless violence that left two people dead and a third injured. Far too many people appear to have been eyewitnesses to the event that occurred in a part of the community that is central to many of our lives. Many more people undoubtedly heard the gunshots and the sirens that followed.

There have been many news reports already on the event, but this one (https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/two-men-killed-in-shooting-in-ottawa-s-alta-vista-neighbourhood-1.5447683) appeared to have some of the best coverage.
As of this morning, the plaza remains cordoned off (and closed) as well as a property across the street. There were several police officers at the scene continuing to gather evidence. Given the large size of the scene, it may be closed for some time. Please be patient and give them time to do their work. If anyone was a witness to the event and has not contacted the police, please do so. Your actions can only serve to help maintain the safety of our community.

While every community is subject to occasional bursts of violence, and as shocking and appalling as this event was, we must not let it define us and our community.”

Bryan Orendorff

President, Riverview Park Community Association

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