Map showing the extent of the planned renewal of Bank Street. The project is from the Bank and Riverside Drive intersection in the North, south past Walkley Road to Ledbury Avenue. It includes intersection redesign at Heron, Alta Vista, and Walkley.

The City of Ottawa is undertaking the renewal of Bank Street from Riverside Drive to Ledbury Avenue. The vision for the Bank Street renewal is to construct a functioning and safe complete arterial main street with a well-balanced multi-modal transportation network which will cater to vehicles, transit, cyclists and pedestrians.

To achieve this goal, some of the following aboveground and underground improvements are proposed:

This project will be guided by the work completed as part of the Bank Street functional design study. The approved functional design of Bank Street was a product of an extensive study process, which included consultation with the public.

Current status

The design team is progressing through the Detailed Design activities, which includes refinements to the roadway cross-sections and proposed roadway geometry and configurations. They are finalizing the water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer infrastructure designs, continuing the landscaping design, undertaking property acquisitions, as well as coordinating utility relocations, agency approvals, and designs for new traffic signals and street lighting. Construction staging and traffic management strategies during construction are also currently being developed.
The project design is being adjusted to implement the City’s new Protected Intersection Design Guide (PIDG) which was released in September 2021. This has had an impact on the design schedule.

Public information session

A public information session is being planned for late 2022 to provide residents and businesses with an update on the proposed Bank Street design. During that meeting the construction timelines and what to expect will also be discussed. Further information will be communicated once the date is set for the information session.

Project timing

Infrastructure and Development in Riverview Park

While the Bank Street renewal project is not within the boundaries of Riverview Park, there are many infrastructure and development projects underway or in planning stages within Riverview Park. You can get updates on those projects in our Planning and Development page.

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  1. Besides this Bank Street improvement.
    More developments are announced. There are plans for two residential towers on the parking lots of The Riverside Campus of the Ottawa Hospital. Schlegel Villages are the developers. They specialize in retirement homes.

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