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Riverview Park Review online

Please go directly to the Riverview Park Review online website and choose the issue that you would like to read:


April 2013 edition:             Riverview Park Review – April 2013

February 2013 edition:      Riverview Park Review – February 2013

December 2012 edition:    Riverview Park Review – December 2012

October 2012 edition:        Riverview Park Review – October 2012

June 2012 edition:              Riverview Park Review – June 2012

April 2012 edition:              Riverview Park Review – April 2012 

February 2012 edition:      Riverview Park Review – February 2012

December 2011 edition:     Riverview Park Review – December 2011

October 2011 edition:         Riverview Park Review – Oct. 2011

June 2011 edition:               Riverview Park Review – June 2011

April 2011 edition:              Riverview Park Review – Apr. 2011

February 2011 edition:      Riverview Park Review – Feb. 2011

Riverview Park Review is a non-profit community newspaper paid for solely by advertising.  It is published five times a year.  It is distributed free to Riverview Park homes and businesses.  Please support our advertisers.  Get to know the persons and companies who serve you.  Let them know that you saw their advertisement in RiverviewPark Review.  This newspaper could not be prepared without their support.  If you know of anyone providing a service in the community, please tell them about RiverviewPark Review.   Please email rpr.advertise@gmail.com for advertising information.   All profits will be made available to worthwhile community projects.

Submission Formats:  Contributions can be e-mailed to  rpr.editor@gmail.com  in Microsoft Word or RTF.  Please do not format your documents.  We may edit for grammar and brevity.  Photographs may be e-mailed in a . jpeg format to rpr.editor@gmail.com and must be accompanied with the name of the photographer and a caption describing the subject.  Do you have an opinion to share?  Please send letters to rpr.editor@gmail.com.  Your name, address and phone number is required for verification.

3 thoughts on “Riverview Park Review online

  1. Where can I get a copy of the Aprl 2017 edition, which has an article about the First Nations’ involvement with the Rideau Canal? I have some indigenous friends I would like to show this to.

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