Welcome to Riverview Park, Ottawa, Ontario

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Lost & found

If you’ve lost or found something in Riverview Park, send us an email and we’ll post it here. For lost or found pets, please also email the Riverview Pet Registry at letterit@rogers.com.

Lost cat – Friday 23 May

Medium size 7 year old domestic short haired cat.  Orange tabby with yellow/golden eyes. Neutered male with claws.  Microchip # 952000000294343.

Coppurr is an indoor cat that got outside.

Address – 249 Lennox Park Ave

If found please contact Norma or Marian O’Connor – daytime 613-733-7638 or cell 613-296-5826




Posted 23 Feb 14 – I lost an unidentified set of keys with an Acura remote fob in early February.  As they came loose from a snap hook  on my purse, I have no idea where they may have come off, so this is just a “hail Mary” attempt.


Black BlackBerry Curve lost  January 5, 2014 on the trail  beginning at the intersection of Coronation Avenue and Neighbourhood Way.

Sportline pedometer (grey and blue), lost April 18 2013 somewhere along Knox, Acton, Avalon, Balena, Bathurst, Chadburn or Botsford.


Young male cat found in December 2013. Long hair, tan and brown with black tiger stripes.  Affectionate, house-broken, delightful personality. Found in very good  condition, obviously somebody’s pet. No response to posters in wide  neighbourhood, over three weeks. If you know of the owner of this cat please advise letterit@rogers.com

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