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October 24th is election day in the City of Ottawa municipal election. With the current mayor, ward councillor and some trustees not running again, this will be a change election for Riverview Park.

Where to vote?

Most people will have received information on where to vote and what is required in terms of identification in a letter from the City of Ottawa elections office. If you didn’t receive this information or have lost track of it, you can find out where to vote on the Ottawa Elections site. The polls across the city are open 10 am to 8pm.

Voter Identification

There is a long list of acceptable identification on the City of Ottawa website. Basically you will need something with your name and address on it in order to cast your ballot.

Who to vote for

The RPCA is not endorsing any particular candidates. If you haven’t yet decided who to vote for in the races for mayor, councillor and school board trustee, you can find information about the candidates on the elections website.

Why should I vote?

Voter turn out is typically lower in municipal elections and that means that each vote has a greater impact. In 2018 the Alta Vista councillor election was decided by 201 votes. City Council makes decisions about issues that affect our every day lives. They make decisions about garbage collections, transit fares and system, roads, active transportation lanes, sidewalks, snow clearing, housing, social programs, the water that comes out of our taps, green spaces and parks, and property taxes. They influence decisions about public health, policing, ambulance services and community health. School boards make decisions about school programming and policies, bussing, student equity and achievement. City Councillors and school board trustees are our advocates and help us to resolve challenges and navigate the government systems.

October 24th is your opportunity to make a decision about who you want to represent you and our community in these roles. If you need help getting to a polling station to cast your ballot, you can contact any of the councillor or mayoral candidate campaigns and they may have volunteers who can help you get to the polling station.

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