Halloween is coming!

In my house the kids are getting pretty excited about Halloween. Costume plans are changing by the day and dreams of mini chocolate bars are dancing in their heads. Since Halloween was cancelled last year we didn’t have a chance to try out our new neighbourhood. We moved from the Elmvale Acres side of the Riverview Park community to the west side just after Halloween 2019. So now we are discussing our candy collection strategy before the big night.

Image of a skeleton king with a sword halloween decoration on a lawn

Halloween Decor

While we debate costumes and candy-seeking plans, some people are clearly more organized than we are because there is some excellent decorating happening around the Riverview Park community.

Image of an inflatable skeleton dragon halloween decoration on a lawn.

Halloween Safety

Whether you are taking kids out trick or treating, your kids are heading out on their own, or you are out in the community, Ottawa Public Health has provided some advice to help keep everyone safe. I notice there is nothing included about trapping ghosts or protecting yourselves from roaming crowds of zombies.

Image of a lawn decorated with a pirate ship crewed by skeleton pirates, and a large squid spread out on the lawn by the pirate ship.

COVID safety for all




Be a good neighbour

Halloween parties

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