There is a tool now available for citizens in multi-residential buildings who want to use a green bin. It has been developed through a community initiative involving the following groups:  CAFES, the Eco West-Enders Group, GentleWays for our Planet, Biosphere Eco-City Canada, Ottawa South Eco-Action Network, Ottawa Zero Food Waste, and the Peace and Environment Resource Centre. Waste Watch Ottawa has also assisted in its development.  

Please share this green bin implementation toolkit with your respective groups. We are looking for community members who live in multi-residential buildings who can act as champions in their respective building, helping to kickstart the adoption of the green bin program by engaging building management and other residents, or improving implementation/take-up wherever the program exists already.  The kit facilitates this by providing a step-by-step guidance on setting up a kiosk in the lobby, sample emails to building management, speaking points and a variety of communications materials.  The kit can be found here:

Community engagement is very important for improving diversion rate of organics in the City.  As the City moves forward in progressively implementing a mandatory requirement for organics collection where City waste collection services are provided, its success will largely depend on residents’ uptake.  

This could be a useful project for community associations to take on in their respective areas.  

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