This fall (2022) we finally received permission from the City of Ottawa to access the meadow area immediately east of the path beside the sliding hill along the Hospital Link road. Our access allows us to remove invasive species and plant native plants. In October, a group of volunteers gathered to prepare and plant a pollinator garden on the site. On October 23rd, we worked in teams, a morning and an afternoon team, to do the plantings as directed by Lynne Patenaude who did the behind the scenes work of obtaining or growing the plants, many from seed and laying out where the plants would go.

Other pollinator patches are in the planning stages and the removal of buckthorn and other invasive species is on-going.

If you would like to volunteer, please email to let us know if you are interested. Follow us on Facebook

This tree is being overcome by Buckthorn.

This tree at Knox and Acton is being slowly killed by Common Buckthorn through its ability to out-compete for nutrients and by chemicals released by the Buckthorn that negatively affect the soil, preventing other plants from growing near it. For more information on Buckthorn, check out the Ontario Invasive Plant Council website.