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Register with 529 Garage

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is warning residents to take extra precautions to help end bike theft by securing their bikes from thefts and registering with 529 Garage.

“The program has really been embraced by Ottawa’s cycling community,” said program coordinator Sergeant Art Wong. “And our partnerships with local bike shops have been a valuable asset in helping to get people signed up.”

Along with its partners, Bike Ottawa and Safer Roads Ottawa, the OPS is encouraging cyclists to register their bikes on 529 Garage. The program is easy to sign up to through the app or online. Stolen bikes can be located sooner by police when it has been registered with 529 Garage. The app was launched in May 2019 in Ottawa. To date 9,625 residents have registered and 106 bikes have been recovered and returned to their rightful owners.

Protect against bike theft

Simple things like investing in a durable lock or putting your bike away in a locked shed or garage will help to keep it safe and reduce bike thefts.

Residents living in high rise apartments and condominiums should store their bikes in designated secured enclosures. All riders should choose bike racks that offer high visibility and foot traffic or surveillance.

For more information about 529 Garage and a full list of city bike shops offering the 529 Garage shield and registration help, please visit

Protect your bike and yourself and enjoy your ride.

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