Voting closed on May 3, 2024. Thanks to everyone who voted!

The winners were announced in the May 2024 RPCA Newsletter and will also be featured in the June 2024 edition of the Riverview Park Review.

The results are in for the first-ever Riverview Park Cutest Cat and Dog Contest, put on by the RPCA with prizes donated by Pet Valu Trainyards.  Eighteen dogs and five cats were entered in the contest, over 100 votes were cast, and the contest raised $524 for the Ottawa Humane Society, surpassing our goal of $500.  

A common refrain we heard was that it was very hard to choose just one cat or dog given all the cute, handsome and beautiful candidates. As I am sure you could tell by the contented look on the faces of our contestants, each one is a winner with a warm and loving home. And because of all your donations, there will be a few more amenities for the less lucky dogs and cats that find themselves sheltered at the Ottawa Humane Society. 

Congratulations to all the winners! 

Thank you to the pet owners who donated their money and took the time to enter their pet in the First Annual Riverview Park Cutest Dog and Cat Contest. Thanks to Kris Nanda who spear-headed and organized the contest. Many thanks to all who voted and to Cass and the crew at Pet Valu Trainyards.

The dog who received the most votes was Tassie, an 11 year old golden doodle “who thinks she’s still a puppy.“ Tassie was entered by her owners, Terry and Jill Collins-Williams.

Tassie’s feline counterpart was Nico, an 8-month old Russian Blue entered by Anna Proestakis and Marc Andre Savage, with whom Nico shares a house.

More details about the winners are provided below by their “owners.”

Tassie has lived her whole life in Riverview Park. She loves carrying a ball in her mouth during walks and greets everyone she meets with a tail wag and a “Woo!” Tassie is sweet natured and loves snuggles. She fell off the dock at the cottage once as a puppy and has refused to swim or even paddle in the water since then.  

Nico was born in Vancouver and flew to Ottawa on December 8, 2023 all by himself via WestJet to join his older sister, Eleni.  Some interesting facts about Nico: he fetches, like a dog, hunts like a cheetah and purrs like an engine. He has no fear with his adventurous personality and he has definitely proven the saying “curiosity killed the cat.”

Here are all the cute, beautiful, and funny contestants.