Twenty-five participants from Riverview Park came out on a beautiful warm and sunny Saturday May 13th (and some worked on the previous Thursday) and collected a total of about 37 bags of garbage and other sundry trophies including a Porsche mug and a perfect ceramic coffee mug. This must be a record for Riverview Park!

Janet and LeRoy Blake picked up 12 bags of trash, plus a bicycle, muffler, lots of masks, water bottles (Too many Tim Horton lids😡😡) Lovely birds kept us entertained.

Anna Nitoslawska picked ONE bag of garbage along the N-S Hydro corridor; most of the garbage was next to Coronation.  She also ventured down the path between Coronation and Industrial to the Train Yards and quickly topped up the bag with the junk there.

Tim Mark’s group, 6 participants, cleaned the full length of Coronation Ave. all the way from Russell Rd. to Neighbourhood Way except for one short stretch near Coronation Park. Many thanks to LePhan Luong, Rob Eve, Isabelle Dorval, Jackson Dorval and Carol McQueen. They filled 9 garbage bags. The biggest achievement was cleaning from Coronation Ave, to Industrial Ave. – a very big job.

Robert Eve of Tim’s group reported 4 bags of trash (that I am assuming was included in the 9 collected by Tim’s group) in 2 hours crawling through dense thicket along Coronation. Face and arms all scratched but found this treasure as a great reward buried in mud and leaves. Nice and shiny now. 

Chris Mark and Katerina Elliott filled one full garbage bag (about half of which was recyclables) also from Coronation Ave and surrounding area.

France Dulude’s group had 6 participants at Balena Park. They managed to collect about 7 bags from the park, the hydro line from Balena going east and south thanks to David, Amy, Marcus, Stephanie and Eric. There was a small gathering at the park after the cleanup and then another one at France’s place with the crew from Coronation St.

Ron Ridley’s group, Ron, Heather and Mary Lou, picked 4 bags of garbage/recycling on the Hospital Link road / hydro corridor and the pathway to the hospital from Station Blvd. 

Lynne Patenaude, wearing a jacket to protect her from the prickly hedges, filled half a bag with garbage from the community path between Drake and Dorion from under the cedar hedge on the sunny side at the Dorion end. She also took out some tiny dog-strangling vine plants from under the hedge.

And the Jamieson family: Lydia Tonelli, James Jamieson and Julia Sampaios (family friend) undertook some cleaning earlier in the week (Thursday) in the area of Balena Park plus Bathurst hydro corridor to Balena Park and collected 2 full bags of garbage.

Well done everyone!

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