Spring is in the air and the annual Cleaning the Capital Spring Campaign will proceed with registration starting March 15th.

With the gradual easing of COVID-19 restrictions, we are planning a more traditional campaign and will continue to reinforce public health and safety measures as these evolve. Participants can register their cleanup projects by using the online registration form available at ottawa.ca/clean or by calling 3-1-1. The registration form populates an interactive map, showing which locations have been chosen for cleanup projects. Cleanup kits, which include garbage bags and gloves, will be made available for pick-up by registrants at one of seven City of Ottawa facilities across the city.

Key spring campaign dates

March 15: Registration opens

April 15 to May 31: Cleaning the Capital spring campaign

April 22: Earth Day 2022

April 30: Registration closes

June 15: Deadline to submit cleanup reports online

This year marks the 29th year that the Cleaning the Capital program has been leveraging corporate sponsorship and resident engagement to keep our city clean and green. Cleaning the Capital program staff have delivered atypical campaigns throughout the global pandemic; regardless, nearly 11,000 participants registered 1,150 projects in 2021. Thanks to our city’s dedicated volunteers, as well as your ongoing support and program promotion in your wards and across our city, we look forward to even more successful campaigns in 2022.

Cleaning the Capital in Riverview Park

RPCA in conjunction with FoRPGS is looking for volunteers to help in “Cleaning the Capital”, specifically in cleaning the Riverview Park parks and green spaces.

We need people to help clean the following Riverview Park parks and green spaces, and ideally would like to have a person step forward to be the park champion to look after the park year round.

We are lucky to have the following parks & green spaces:

  1. Hydro corridor
    1. Volunteers: Ron Ridley (West end), Anna Nitoslawska (East end)
  2. Wooded path in the forest between Riverview and the hospital link road, and the north side of the hospital link road
    1. Volunteers: Ron Ridley
  3. Rail line
    1. Volunteers: ?
  4. Dale park
    1. Volunteers: ?
  5. Coronation Park
    1. Volunteers: Carol McQueen
  6. Riverview Park (Just west of Riverview Park Alternative School)
    1. Volunteers: Bryan Orendorff
  7. Balena Park
    1. Volunteers: Sam Kazak, Carol McQueen, Lorella Piirik
  8. Hutton Park
    1. Volunteers: ?
  9. Alda Burt Park
    1. Volunteers: ?

Thanks for helping improve our community.

If you are interested in helping the RPCA efforts to clean the parks in our community, please send us an email indicating which park you would like to help clean.

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