Power Restoration Update

Update from Councilor Cloutier Good day neighbours,  Thank you for your patience and resilience while we continue to navigate the major power outages in our city. I am heartened to […]

LRT Public Inquiry

The Ottawa Light Rail Transit Public Inquiry was established by the Ontario Government under Order in Council 1859/2021 on December 16, 2021. The Honourable Justice William Hourigan was appointed Commissioner to lead […]

Civic Hospital Parking Consultation

New Civic Hospital Master Plan approved Last month, city council approved the Master Plan for the new Civic Hospital to be built in the Experimental Farm and Queen Juliana Park. […]

Draft Budget 2022 Consultation

Image text 2022 draft budget consultation

Capital and Alta Vista Ward budget consultation Over the coming months, councillors, committees, staff and the public will be discussing the city’s budget for 2022. What do we value? What […]

New Official Plan Open House

Public Open House The New Official Plan team has continued to review all comments submitted on the draft New Official Plan and the revised version can be found here. As part […]