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Ottawa Public Health announced today that, in response to rapidly increasing transmission of COVID-19 in Ottawa and the increased transmissibility of Omicron, it is taking additional and immediate action to limit further spread of the virus to protect residents and reduce the impact on our health care resources and essential services. These actions, including new capacity limits are detailed in a Letter of Instruction from Dr. Vera Etches, Ottawa Public Health’s Medical Officer of Health. The instructions are effective Monday, December 20 at 12:01 am.

Indoor Capacity Limits

The enhanced measures include:

These measures apply to a broad range of establishments, including those below. A full list is in the Letter of Instruction.

Establishments that serve food or beverages must follow these additional regulations:

Additional Measures

In addition to the regulations outlined in the Letter of Instruction, Ottawa Public Health also strongly recommends these measures:

Ottawa is in a much better position than in March of 2020 when we faced the initial surge of COVID-19, with an unimmunized population and incomplete knowledge of all the measures possible to limit transmission. Immunity is building effectively through our vaccination efforts but right now these enhanced measures are essential to protect the health of all Ottawa residents and our health care system.

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After School Clinics

Information is available here about after-school clinics and vaccinations for kids aged 5-11.

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