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Since 2017, the Council on Aging of Ottawa (COA) has organized an annual winter Snow Mole Campaign to collect information about the walking conditions in neighbourhoods across Ottawa.

Snow Moles are volunteers of all ages who enjoy winter walking and are willing to collect and submit information about their local walking conditions, on an online or printed questionnaire, and submit it to the COA for analysis. 

The collected data is shared with the City of Ottawa regularly and has resulted in identified improved residential snow clearing and heightened awareness about pedestrian safety and walkability during the winter months.

Community Leaders are identified on the COA website by their name, email address and community, and are a key part of a successful Campaign that allows local voices to be heard and promote changes. Leaders encourage participation in their neighbourhoods through local contacts, and social media and are available to answer questions.

The annual Campaign begins on January 1st and continues to March 31st, using a questionnaire that is available online or can be downloaded and printed. Completed questionnaires are submitted online or mailed to the COA to be analyzed by volunteers. A monthly Snow Mole update on the information received is shared with Community Leaders and the City of Ottawa.

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