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Official Website of the Riverview Park Community Association (RPCA)

Planning & Development

The RPCA Planning and Development Committee meets regularly to discuss community development and intensification issues, traffic levels and congestion, cycling and pedestrian access and city-wide environmental issues.  The committee also liaises with other Community Associations on issues of common interest.


We are currently seeking new members for the committee. If you want to help make Riverview Park a better place to live by influencing development, please contact Kris Nanda.

3 thoughts on “Planning & Development

  1. Hello: I live on Caverley and was looking at the City of Ottawa notice on a zoning by-law change allowing mixed use at 580 Industrial Ave. Has this committee responded to this? If so, how? If not, what, if anything, can I do?

  2. Hi Joseph, I will forward your email to Kris Nanda, who is head of the Planning Committee. We’d love to see you out at the AGM on 23 Oct, and we are looking for more volunteers for the committee.
    Dianne Hoddinott

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