Welcome to Riverview Park, Ottawa, Ontario

Official Website of the Riverview Park Community Association (RPCA)


The RPCA meets once a month to discuss the happenings in our community. You are welcome to attend our monthly meetings which are held the second Wednesday of each month at the Maplesoft Centre starting at 19:00.

The purposes of the Association (RPCA) are:

  1. to promote and protect the interests of the community with respect to the planning and future development of the area encompassed by the Association;
  2. to co-ordinate community activities and keep the community informed about available activities and opportunities which may be of benefit to the residents of Riverview Park;
  3. to ensure, through representatives, that the community’s interests are effectively communicated to the public and other agencies whose activities may be of concern to the community;
  4. to conduct such social, educational and recreational programs as deemed desirable.
  5. to promote the quality of life in the community so that Riverview Park remains a pleasant place in which to live.
  6. to promote and protect the interests of the community with respect to residency, property ownership and municipal interests.

You can read more about our accomplishments here. (Link opens an MS-Word file.)

Board of Directors (2014/2015)

President: Kris Nanda

Vice President: Jane Rutherford

Vice President: Paul Purrit

Secretary: Anne Stairs

Treasurer: Alan Landsberg

Board members:

  • Dianne Hoddinott
  • Carole Moult
  • Marilyn Minnes
  • Paul Purrit
  • Heather Dunlop
  • Bryan Orendorff
  • Shawn Bardell
  • Adnan Abidi
  • Maureen Collins

Planning and Development Committee: Kris Nanda

Communications: Dianne Hoddinott

Parks, Recreation and Environment: Carole Moult

Neighbourhood Watch: Tim Mark

Membership: Heather Dunlop

Contact: email : info@riverviewpark.ca or you may contact the RPCA President, Kris Nanda via email at al2kris@yahoo.ca

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