The RPCA is blessed with many dedicated and devoted volunteers. To date, the following Riverview Park residents have received RPCA volunteer awards:

Paul and Heather McGuire
Orrin and Pam Clayton
Janina Nickus
Bill Fairbairn
Carole Moult
Susan Scott
Louis Comerton
Helen McGurrin
Brant Scott
Bill Fairbairn
Janina Nickus
Nadine Chamorel
Shannon and Robert Stoney
Sandra Lawson
Marie Perkins
Faye Skeery
Dean Lakin
Roger Piche
Paul Walsh
Karin Keyes Endemann
Tim Mark
Kris Nanda
John Neal
Anne Stairs
Dianne Hoddinott
Lynn Bezanson
Jennifer Sayers
Bernadette Bailey
Paul Puritt

You can see their pictures in the attached .pdf file

We also have a Volunteer Policy – which you can read here: