Image of play structure and swings at Riverview Park


Riverview Park is a small playground adjacent to the Riverview Alternative School. It is accessible via a small path where Cluny Street meets Knox Crescent. It can also be accessed from the hydro corridor and through the school grounds. Parking is available on Knox and Cluny. There is no sign identifying the park from the street.

Riverview Park Amenities

The park includes a small play structure with monkey bars and slides as well as two sets of swings and a tall metal slide. The structures are surrounded by sand and there is a single picnic table available. The park is surrounded by a lawned area that is not well drained and is often wet. The park is adjacent to a baseball diamond at the Riverview Alternative School. The diamond is not maintained as such and is mostly lawned. There are also basketball nets at the school that are available for use outside of school hours.