Balena Park is located at 1640 Devon Street, Ottawa. It is in the centre of the Riverview Park community. It is accessible from multiple access points. It can be entered from Devon Street on the east side, Balena Street on the west side, from the hydro corridor or from the parking lots at the end of Roger Guindon Avenue to the south and from Bathurst through the hydro corridor to the north. Parking is available on any of the surrounding streets.

Image of Balena Park with play structures and wading pool

Balena Park Amenities

Balena Park includes climbing structures with slides for younger and older kids, as well as a climbing structure in the shape of a mobius strip. The park also includes two sets of swing sets, a single-table picnic shelter, a wading pool that is open from June to the end of August and a field house with bathrooms that are open when the pool is open. The park also includes a large lawned space and is connected to the hydro corridor green space and paths through the wooded area adjacent to the hydro corridor.

Image of the mobius strip climber in Balena Park

In the winter volunteers build and maintain an outdoor skating rink, often constructed with two pads, one for hockey with nets and the other for general skating. The rink is lit at night and the field house offers change rooms that can be used to put on skates and for storing boots while skating.

Balena Park is used to host a variety of community association events throughout the year, including the annual fall corn roast and the winter festival.

Image of the Balena Park fieldhouse