The board of directors guides the work of the community association. Board members meet on the second Wednesday of every month (except July and August), either virtually or in-person depending on the circumstances. Board meetings include updates from the local city councillors, and subcommittees of the board. Local organizations like the Ottawa Public Library also provide information about ongoing activities in our community. The board oversee the budget of the association, coordinates with other community associations in Ottawa and determines and communicates positions of the association on issues affecting our community, and a variety of current city affairs. New members are elected to the board at the Annual General Meeting held in October.

If you are interested in joining the board or attending a board meeting, please email

If you are interested in getting involved in ways other than joining the board, you can find details about those opportunities on our volunteer page

Ron Ridley (President)

My wife Carleen and I have lived in Riverview park on Cluny Street for 30 years raising our two children and many dogs here. We were originally drawn to Riverview because of the greenspace, proximity to downtown and the hospital complex.
We both enjoy the outdoors and love that we can walk our dog right behind our house. I have been active in the community coaching soccer and hockey for the last 15 years. I was also involved in Scouts and a local kayaking club.
I am joining the RPCA board to work to keep our neighbourhood the pleasant place it is and help improve it where we can through sustainable development that fits the character of Riverview Park.

Stephanie Lines (Secretary)

Jeff Blattman (Treasurer)

Raised in the Ottawa area, I moved into Riverview Park with my wife in 2006. Despite a penchant for researching-to-death even the most minor of purchases, I seemed to have little trouble committing us to the biggest purchase of our lives that year, buying our home almost on a whim after falling in love with the modest house, huge backyard, tree-lined neighbourhood and its proximity to just about everything (homes were also affordable back then, which helped). We’ve since added two kids and two dogs to the family. I’ve spent most of my career in finance and have been with my current employer for almost 20 years. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing golf, alpine skiing and working on old cars.

Carol McQueen (Director)

Carol moved to Riverview Park in 2007 because she “liked the neighborhood’s affordability and
easy accessibility to downtown Ottawa via bicycle and public transit”. She is married and has
two children aged 10 and 13.
Currently, Carol serves as the Director General for Resettlement and Asylum Strategic
Operations at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. She joined Global Affairs
Canada in 2005, and most recently served as Canada’s Ambassador to Tunisia (2015-2019)
and then to Burkina Faso and Benin (2019-2021 Before joining Canada’s Public Service, she
worked as a Political Affairs officer with the UN Peacekeeping Mission in the Democratic
Republic of Congo from 2002-2005. Ms. McQueen is a Rhodes Scholar, holds a D.Phil. in
International Relations and authored a book on Humanitarian and SafetyZones in Iraq, Bosnia
and Rwanda.
Carol says she is “keen to focus energies on

Craig Cormier (Director)

Originally from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in 1999 Craig Cormier arrived at the Tim Horton’s at the Alta Vista shopping plaza and never left the neighbourhood. After a two year stay at an apartment on Riverside Drive with his wife Sue, the two Maritimers moved to Dorion Avenue where they now have two boys, Thomas and Samuel. Craig has been involved as a coach with the Riverview Park Community Soccer Program, the neighbourhood watch program, and the Trinity Community Garden. Musically, he’s a member of the neighbourhood resident rock band Waterbömber which has played numerous street parties, school events, and several of the Riverview Park Bi-annual Dinners. Prior to moving to Ottawa he was involved as a board member with a community health centre on PEI as well as the Community Access Program (CAP) and LibraryNet in Nova Scotia.

Although Craig has been a federal public servant for the past 16 years, he is now looking at ways to give back to his community more directly. This includes advocating for expanded recreation facilities, improving our community’s cycling and walking infrastructure, and hopefully helping preserve the neighbourhood’s safe, clean, and friendly charm.

Heather Dunlop (Director – Communications)

Heather Dunlop has lived in Riverview Park for 18 years. She was a member of the Trinity
Community Garden for three years and previously was on the RPCA board for two years.
When she retired from her job at Health Canada, she got involved in volunteer work, including teaching English to newcomers and helping to run the website at a local environmental group.

In her professional life, Heather worked in the health and information sciences sectors, first as a registered nurse and later she worked as a civil servant at Health Canada. She has one grown son and a black Labrador retriever.

The derecho that came through Ottawa in May 2022 and caused a lengthy power outage helped her
realize that there is a need to be able to quickly coordinate and communicate residents’ needs
during an emergency so that solutions can be achieved in a timely manner to alleviate distress
in the community. This is an area that Heather would like to work on with the Board.

Jonathan Lemieux (Director)

Kris Nanda (Director – Planning and Development)

My wife, Alison and I arrived in  Riverview Park in 2002 with our two young children Claire and Joseph, both of whom were raised and educated in local schools (including Riverview Alternative School across the street from our house on Knox Crescent). We chose Riverview Park since we were looking for an established neighbourhood with greenspace that was close enough to downtown so that I could commute to work by bike (and take transit in the winter). I am an avid reader and follow current events and sports closely (especially baseball), and enjoy getting “outdoors” with my family.

I joined the RPCA Board in 2007 (after serving on the Riverview School Council for four years) because I wanted to get involved and work within the system to improve our community. Promoting sustainable development and good environmental stewardship has been a passion of mine for many years and is one reason why I am working for the federal government. I was drawn to the RPCA initially because of my concerns that the proposed Alta Vista Transportation Corridor roadway was a bad idea but there are many other local issues that also interested me, including having a revitalized Alta Vista Shopping Plaza and more sidewalks and better bike paths built in this area.  My goal is to help the RPCA be an effective forum for the Riverview Park community to gather their thoughts and share them with City officials.

Lorella Piirik (Director)

I moved to Riverview Park neighbourhood a year ago after living in Thunder Bay for 14 years and in Toronto for most of my life prior.  I moved here for a job at CHEO as Materials Management manager.

I am grateful to have found a lovely home here that allows me to work, play and shop all within walking/cycling  distance. This is one of the attractions of our neighbourhood in addition to the friendliness of the people I have met so far.

Generally speaking I like to think that I have great civic pride and have engaged in community activities as a leader and resident in the other cities that I have called home.  Through my travels beyond home I have learned that what makes a city great is what the community does with its public spaces.

I have a tremendous spirit of volunteerism. Here are some of my past positions:
1.  Board member: Don Way Covenant United church daycare center.
2. Vice president – College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario.
3.  President of Thunder Bay Freestyle Skiing Club.
4.  Allied Health member of Research Ethics Board for Thunder Bay Regional Sciences Center.
5.  Member of the board of Freestyle Skiing Ontario.
6.  Professional member of the College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario.

Wanda Raymond (Director)

I am Wanda Raymond. I am married and have 2 grown boys. We moved here in 2005 from Kenora Ontario and have been in Riverview Park area since 2018. I was part of a community association in Kenora and am happy to be part of RPCA.

I’m community minded and will help those in need, if I can. I am a member of a couple groups at Rideau Park United Church.

I am on disability, so keep busy with my crafts to pass the time. My main craft is making funky earrings.

Bryan Orendorff (Immediate Past-President)

Bryan and his wife Colleen moved to Riverview Park in February 2014 to enjoy the green space and charm of the local community. They are (try to be) active tennis players, runners, hikers, skiers, cyclists, and all-round outdoor activity people. Bryan is a hydrotechnical engineer with a background in mostly transportation and development projects, many of which have been located in the City of Ottawa. Working on these projects has given him a strong appreciation for the effects these projects have on the environment and the local communities, and for both their potential benefits and their disturbances