The Riverview Park community is southeast of the downtown area adjacent to the Rideau River, from which the community gets its name.


North:   Railway tracks next to Tremblay Road

South:   Smyth Road

East:      St. Laurent Boulevard

West:    Rideau River


Google map of the Riverview Park community

Community Statistics

The Ottawa Neighbourhood Study divides the community into two segments, Riverview and Elmvale-Canterbury. The Elmvale-Canterbury neighbourhood as defined by the study includes the community across Smyth Road and outside the bounds of Riverview Park as represented by the Riverview Park Community Association.

Riverview Demographics

According to the Neighbourhood Study data on Riverview the 2016 Census indicates that there are 6055 people with a median age of 29 years living in this section of the community. There are 3115 households in the neighbourhood.

Elmvale-Canterbury Demographics

In the Elmvale-Canterbury area has a population of 11635 with a median age of 42.9 years. There are 5065 households in this part of the community.