Board Meeting Agenda

Date: April 14, 2021 at 6:45 pm 

Location: Teleconference

Board Members: Craig Cormier, Chris Farley-Ratcliffe, Dianne Hoddinott, Sam Kazak, Raylene Lang-Dion, Glen McPherson, Kris Nanda (Ex-officio), Bryan Orendorff, Lorella Piirik, Wanda Raymond, Ron Ridley



Agenda Items1. Call to Order and Declarations of Conflict of Interest (5 mins)2. Agenda Approval (5 mins)3. Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting (March 10, 2021) (5 min)4. Councillor’s Updatea. Jean’s Update (5 minutes)b. Questions (15 minutes)c. OPL Updated. Garbage at Tim Horton’se. Meadow Trial5. Business Arising since March 10, 2021, – Not Covered Elsewhere (10 min)a. Business arising between board meetings6. Treasurer’s Report (10 minutes)7. Special Reports (20 minutes)a. Park Cleanupsb. Friends of Riverview Park Green Spaces (Ron)c. Planning and Development8. President’s Report (15 min)a. In Camera Itemsb. Tree Give-away (Lorella)9. New Business (5 min)10. Recap of Action Items and Adjournment (5 min)

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