We are a group of Riverview Park residents who are very interested in stewardship of the hydro corridor spanning from Abbey Road to the Perley Rideau Veterans Centre.

Recently, Hydro One proposed clearcutting the hydro corridor from Abbey road to Knox crescent – our group was able to stop this plan and work out an alternative with Hydro One.

While work remains to be done with Hydro One on their “forest maintenance” planned for the January/February 2021, we would like to get a sense of the community interest in, and support for, the enhancement of the natural environment & explore how the under-utilized space of the corridor could be reimagined in a way that contributes to environmental sustainability, biodiversity and the greening of the city. For example, by improved walking trails, natural play areas or removing invasive plants/trees. Larger initiatives could include designated wild flower areas or natural meadows among other ideas. Anything undertaken will take time and effort and must be an active partnership between the community, Hydro One and the City of Ottawa.

To this end, we are asking that you take a few minutes (no more than 5) to reply to a survey. This will give us a sense of the level of community interest and support.

The survey and more information can be found by:

  1. Using your smart phone to scan the QR Code below.
  2. Finding the survey on the Riverview Park, Elmvale Acres and Alta Vista (Ottawa) or the RPCA Facebook page
  3. Going to https://forms.gle/YaShMW4f9MMz55vf9

The results will be posted on the RPCA website and also on the RPCA Facebook site.

If you would like to be more actively involved please send your e-mail address to: FoRPHCOttawa@gmail.com

Please feel free to pass this survey along to your friends and neighbours in the community.


Ron Ridley on behalf of the RPHCAG