Please find the link below to the survey we discussed at the last Riverview Park Hydro Corridor Action Group and kindly fill it in by Friday, November 20th.
Riverview Park Hydro Corridor Survey

Riverview Park Hydro Corridor SurveyWe are a group of Riverview Park residents who are very interested in improving the large hydro corridor spannin…

Please fell free to pass this survey along to your friends and neighbours in the community.You are welcome to join us on Saturday, November 14th, 2:30 pm, at the Cluny Street end of Knox Crescent for an informal hydro corridor walkabout, and learn about invasive species issues and prospective plans for the hydro corridor.

To participate in or be kept informed of the work being done by the Riverview Park Hydro Corridor Action Group, please drop us a line at FoRPHCOttawa@gmail.com