OC Transpo will carry out “Operation Mask Up” from October 9 to 23 to help change the behavior of the small number of customers failing to comply with OC Transpo’s mandatory mask policy.

During Operation Mask Up, OC Transpo Special Constables will travel across the transit system and talk to those customers not wearing a mask to remind them of the requirement. Customers not complying with the policy will be issued a written warning under the mask By-law and will be provided with a disposable mask. Remember to be COVID Kind: young children and customers with a disability or medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask are exempt and will not be issued a warning. Not all disabilities or conditions are obvious. For customers not wearing masks correctly, Special Constables will advise on proper mask wearing practices.

Customers are reminded not to approach or engage other customers who are not wearing a mask.

By following Ottawa Public Health guidelines—including wearing a mask in enclosed public spaces—you’re helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep our whole community safer. Thank you!

For more about Operation Mask Up, visit this web page.