Hydro One is scheduled to complete vegetation maintenance in two hydro corridors in your community, please see the two maps attached. Hydro One is responsible for maintaining a safe distance between vegetation and power lines to keep the corridor safe for public use, keep the lights on, and to allow easy and safe access for our crews. This important work ensures that Hydro One can continue to provide a supply of safe and reliable electricity to the City of Ottawa.

As part of our work, our Forestry Technicians will aim to identify for removal or trimming (if possible) trees and other vegetation from the corridor that at maturity can grow or fall into the power lines, and the removal of vegetation at tower bases.  To complete this important work, our crews may use the following methods:

·       Manual trimming and removal of trees and other vegetation will be completed with hand tools such as chainsaws and pruners. Bucket trucks and wood chippers will also be onsite, as required.

  • Mechanical removal of vegetation will be completed with heavy machinery such as grinders and bulldozers.

·       Herbicides may be applied to prevent regrowth. Our licensed and trained staff do not apply herbicides near water, and obtain permission from private property owners if it is to be applied on their property. Signage is posted at the site of application.

In your community, our Forestry Technicians have identified the section of corridor just adjacent to Alta Vista Drive as requiring mechanical removal of the vegetation under and near the power lines, due to the density of the existing vegetation and the proximity of the vegetation to the power lines. This section contains a heavy amount of fast growing species mixed in with previously topped mature trees creating a number of access and reliability issues, and also poses safety challenges for crews completing the work as they do not have the appropriate line of sight to complete work. Mechanical removal of vegetation will also ensure the safe and reliability of power, our crews safety as they complete the work and the safety of residents as they continue to use the corridor.

Once work has been completed our crews will seed with a pollinator mix to provide a habitat for bees, birds, and certain species of wildlife. Please note that pollinator seeds take about two seasons to reach full maturity.

To ensure the community is well aware of the scheduled work, we are hosting a virtual meeting on October 15 at 6:30 pm to provide more information about the required work in the corridor running west to east. If you or any member of Riverview Park Community Association would be interested in attending please send an email to Community.Relations@HydroOne.com to register. Attached you will also find two community notices that may be shared with your membership. Please note that each adjacent property owner will receive a notice with the work required in each corridor.

As this work unfolds, the health and safety of our customers, team members and the communities we serve remain our top priority. Hydro One is continuously evaluating the current health pandemic and adapting our work practices as required. That being said, as an essential service, we recognize the critical role we have in powering homes and businesses, as well as local distribution companies such as Hydro Ottawa. We will continue to deliver on that commitment through this pandemic.