7 June update – if you have questions, in both the interest of time as well as the interest of focusing our efforts and determining the priorities, please email them to the RPCA and we can make sure they are adequately addressed during the consultation.



1489 Weyburn Street

Thursday June 11th at 6:30pm.

Online: www.Zoom.us

Meeting ID: 986 3381 5034

Password: 202549

The Owner, Byron Rental Properties, is proposing a Plan of Vacant Land Condominium. The Plan of Vacant Land Condominium is to create 10 vacant land condominium units, which will wholly encompass each existing residential complex. Each of the condominium units will contain the six apartment units that currently exist in each building, and the individual apartment units cannot be sold individually. No construction or changes to the existing property is being contemplated at this time.

A Vacant Land Condominium is a type of condominium corporation that may or may not have buildings constructed before the condominium corporation is registered, and several types of structures can be accommodated within a single development.

The City of Ottawa may choose to give or refuse to give approval to a draft plan of condominium.

Additional information relating to the proposed plan of condominium is available for inspection by the public.  Please direct inquiries about the application or appeal rights to:

Kelby Lodoen Unseth, Assigned Planner

Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department

110 Laurier Avenue West, 4th floor

Ottawa ON  K1J 1P1

Tel:  613-580-2424 ext. 12852

e-mail: Kelby.LodoenUnseth@ottawa.ca