The following are suggestions on how to effectively secure your bicycle from being stolen.Many may not think twice about buying a proper lock or where to park their bike, whether at home or at a place of work.

  • Statistics indicate only 1 in 5 stolen bikes are reported to the police
  • In Ottawa 1,361 were reported stolen in 2019

Please consider the following tips:

  • Register your bike with by downloading the 529 Garage app. It only takes a couple of minutes and that information is accessible to police to help us get your bike back to you.
  • Store your bicycle inside (in a locked garage, if available), avoid locking your bike on the front porch or at the side of house.
  • Residents living in high-rise apartments and condominiums should store their bike in a designated secured enclosure to avoid theft. .
  • Avoid using bike racks that are situated in concealed areas with little to no surveillance opportunities. Public bike racks located on sidewalks or in front of businesses are generally safe for short-term parking (daytime).
  • Avoid using bike racks that are damaged and not properly anchored.
  • Invest in a proper bike lock such as a U-Lock which requires more time to defeat as opposed to a cable lock.  Consult with your local bike shop for expert advice and how to properly secure your bike.
  • Take your helmet and any bike accessories with you (if possible) to minimize being targeted.
  • When transporting consider locking your bike on your car rack if you plan to leave it unattended.
  • If you’re buying a used bike ask to meet in a public place and verify the serial number on 529 Garage. If the seller isn’t comfortable, you shouldn’t be either!
  • Always report thefts to the police – online