Physical activity and getting fresh air are important for our overall physical and mental wellness. When staying home and keeping physical distance, there are still some ways to be active and get outside.

Our neighbourhood sidewalks, streets, and multiuse paths are all still available to get outside and get moving. When doing these activities, some ways to stay safe:

  • Step-aside or pass others quickly and courteously on sidewalks. Passing someone on the sidewalk is not considered a close contact or a significant risk for exposure to COVID-19.
  • Keep 2 metres distance from others;
  • Change your route or the time of day that you go out, so that you can keep this distance.
  • Remember that parks are only to pass through – not to stay and play or stop for a picnic.

Before going outside, consider the following questions and assess whether you can keep a 2 metre (6 feet) distance from others:

  • Does my home environment (i.e. a tall apartment building with limited elevators or narrow hallways) make it difficult to have space from others?
  • Is my normal walking route crowded right now?
  • Will I be tempted to talk with others and not maintain a 2 metre (6 feet) distance?
  • Will my young children have a hard time keeping a 2 metre (6 feet) distance from others, particularly other children?