Remember when you ticked the box indicating that you would be willing to volunteer a few hours of your time?  Here’s your chance to help out in our upcoming Winter Carnival, maintain the skating rinks or even commit to being our Volunteer Coordinator.

Below is the community volunteer list for February:

– 2 volunteers to help plan/coordinate the RPCA Winter Carnival (Feb 1-Feb 22)

–  4 volunteers to run/assist with various events for the Winter Carnival (Feb 23)

–  1 volunteer to be the RPCA volunteer coordinator (Feb 1 – October 31)

–  5 volunteers to assist with the Dale Rink (Feb 1- Feb 28)

–  5 volunteers to assist with the Balena Rink (Feb 1-Feb 28)

Please consider lending some of your time to any of the above requirements.  Bring the whole family for a fun winter day outside!  Reply to