The email below was sent to city officials by Kris Nanda, on behalf of the RPCA on Oct. 30 at 10:49 p.m.
“Good evening
On October 29, 2019, the Riverview Park Community Association (RPCA) Board of Directors  passed a motion  to “express concerns about the proposal to turn over the public space at Lansdowne Park to OSEG — a for-profit private sector entity.”
While there may sometimes be greater efficiencies for the private sector to operate certain programs and spaces, this is not always the case. There are concerns about turning over even  more management of Lansdowne to OSEG, a consortium that had  already received an advantageous financial deal from the City when Lansdowne was “revitalized” a few years ago.  We are concerned  certain activities/events will be squeezed out by a private company which is not answerable to the electorate .  
Concerns that OSEG may disregard concerns of the public and the local community are heightened by the fact that one of the OSEG partners is John Ruddy, whose Trinity Development Group persuaded the City to ignore a previously approved Community Development Plan to limit a high-rise to 30 stories at 900 Albert Street (near Lebreton Flats) and instead permit a 65 story tower to be built there.
Thank you for your time and consideration of our concerns.
Kris  Nanda
Immediate Past President, Riverview Park Community Association”