Here are 5 tips for your trip!

This week marked the beginning of full LRT service and significant changes to hundreds of bus routes in our city.  It’s been a very challenging week for our customers.   I’ve been at Hurdman, Tremblay and St. Laurent stations, as well as others throughout the Confederation Line system, observing and speaking with commuters.

Performance issues with doors and computers have caused significant delays and I apologise for the disruption these have caused. We, the city and OC Transpo, need to do better to meet the expectations of our residents.

Here are some tips from the city to make everyone’s trip a little easier.

1. Use all the doors for boarding

The train has 14 doors to speed up boarding. Take advantage of the space! If everyone spreads out from one end to the other, it will help speed up boarding. If you have a bike, use the first door at the front of the train. That’s where the green marked bike area is.

2. Let others get off first

Before you board the train, let your fellow riders get off first. Not only is it the courteous thing to do, it also speeds up boarding and makes everyone’s trip faster and more comfortable.

3. Don’t hold the doors

If you’re worried about missing the train, there’s another one on the way within minutes. Holding the doors open can cause delays and slow down service.

4. Making a transfer is easy

When you get off the train and transfer to a bus at Tunney’s Pasture, Hurdman and Blair stations, you are already inside the fare-paid zone. That means you don’t have to tap or show your pass on the bus. Just walk onto the bus through any door – even the back doors on the short buses!

5. Look for the red vests

OC Transpo staff in red vests are available to help you and answer questions at key locations across the city. But that’s not the only way to get help. You can also:

  • Call 613-560-1000 for real-time schedule information 24/7
  • Text 560560 plus the four-digit bus stop number
  • Visit
  • Check the brochure that arrived in the mail the week of September 23