Our tree canopy is an important part of our city. Trees provide shade, help clean our air, mitigate the heat island effect in urban areas, slow traffic and generally make city life that much better.

In recent years, we’ve seen a lot of damage to our urban trees, including many that were cut down or threatened to be cut down to facilitate development. It’s been too much. We’ve lost too many large, old trees, and all the benefits they provided. The city needs to do better.

That’s why the city has been conducting a Tree By-law Review. Through this process, we should re-vamp our regulations, providing more protections to our tree canopy. In late June. the city held consultation sessions with both the External and Internal Stakeholder Working Groups on a suite of proposed directions to improve the City’s tree by-laws and associated implementation processes.

Consultation materials are now available to the public on the project website at www.ottawa.ca/treebylawreview. The city will be accepting feedback on the proposed directions until September 9, 2019.  Please visit the website to provide input.

The feedback received will be incorporated into the revised by-laws and processes, as appropriate, this fall. City staff plan to bring recommendations forward to committee and council in early 2020.