A meeting was held on 15th May of this Liaison Committee. Information and discussion mainly focused on the plans for the new building project. A business case developed shows the project is feasible, although more money is needed. With the population growth anticipated in the age 85 plus group, and with over 1000 currently on the Perley Rideau wait list, there is a push to develop alternatives to the long term care. The gap in care that now exists is seen in the case of a previously autonomous individual needing to move from an on site PR apartment into assisted living which currently is not necessarily accessible to them at this location at the time of need.

The next step is an architectural design competition, approximate timing is this July. The location of the new building would be based on where Lupton Hall now sits. A follow-up open house is to be planned for the community with the architect, with the hope to minimize the impact on the community. At this time the plan is for an additional 100 seniors…the unit mix still to be determined. Construction could start 2 years from this fall…with estimation of an 18 month to two year time-line. There is also consideration being given to the possibility of developing a site near the Algonquin College location as the two work collaboratively with the training of the nursing assistant program.

Information was also given relating to the one-year pilot project, started April 2018, known as SAFE…Sub-Acute care for the Frail Elderly. This is a 20-bed unit opened in collaboration with The Ottawa Hospital and LHIN to help deal with the hospital problem of “hallway medicine” where seniors remain in the hospital because they have no where else to go. The Perley Rideau has accommodated 250 people in the past year with an over 90% rate of success in giving the care and services that has allowed patients to return to home. This project is in the process of being externally evaluated with a hope that it continues.

There are currently 20 people in the community who access home care from the Perley Rideau…help with bathing etc.

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