The Riverview Park Community Association is encouraging local residents to ask the City of Ottawa to remove the remaining links of the Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC) from the Official Plan that is currently being updated.

If we do not advocate to remove the remaining parts of the AVTC from being developed, our community will have more pollution, increasing levels of noise, climate-change causing greenhouse gas emissions, paved over green space, a disrupted the ecosystem and increasing vehicle congestion in the downtown core.

So please take a few minutes to copy the following text below and submit to the City of Ottawa.

You may do so either by entering this comment in the City’s online survey which can be found at (use the field which asks “Is there an important issue that is not listed above?”) OR by submitting the comment by email to Carol Ruddy at

I do not wish any further consideration be given to constructing the remaining sections of the Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC) road. Instead, the rest of the AVTC project should be removed from the new Official Plan.  Not only would the AVTC roadway adversely impact our community, its fundamental objectives no longer serve the broader interests of the city as a whole.  The additional  Greenhouse Gas Emissions that would be emitted during its construction and use are counter to the City’s recently passed resolution declaring a climate change emergency as well as principles enunciated in the City’s Official Plan discussion papers on Climate Change Adaptation and Resiliency and Building Blocks for a Healthy Ottawa.

The City of Ottawa should be seeking to decrease – not increase – the sources of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, reduce – not raise – levels of pollution, improve – not deteriorate – our safety, protect – not destroy – our green space and natural landscape, encourage public transport rather than vehicular traffic and reduce – not increase – congestion in our core. The AVTC road represents outdated thinking and planning principles from the past that were conceived before we became aware of new environmental threats and climate change . It most clearly should not be part of our future, especially City Council’s declaration that we are facing a climate change emergency.

Attached is short background on this  controversial project, the first stage a 1.2 km road (cost approximately$69 million (perhaps the 2nd most expensive City transportation project other this decade other than LRT)  and was quietly opened in December 2017.

Forty-five years ago the City introduced into its 1974 Official Plan, the Alta Vista Transportation Corridor (AVTC) project.  That project still remains on the City’s planning horizon.  The AVTC would encourage more vehicles travelling longer distances at higher speeds along a new multi-lane road which will cut through several residential neighbourhoods and dump traffic onto Nicholas Street — which will do nothing to address the climate change emergency that the City of Ottawa recently passed a resolution on. The AVTC runs counter to frequently stated objectives of our elected officials and impairs our own interests — including the recent Council declaration that there is a climate change emergency and that responding to climate change should be a priority of council. It is a concept that belongs to our past, not our future. Now is the time for all of us to raise our voices and tell city officials that we do not need nor want the AVTC.  No further consideration should be given to the AVTC. It should be removed from future City plans.

On behalf of the Riverview Park Community Association, thank you.
Bryan Orendorff, President