In advance of the Community Safety meeting to be held Wednesday, 17 April, the RPCA requested Councillor Cloutier to have City and police officials address the following issues.

The Association would appreciate community feedback as to whether these issues accurately represent your concerns and interests. You can comment on this site; by sending an email to or at the meeting itself. We look forward to seeing you there.

Crime Prevention

– describe City of Ottawa social development programs  aimed at reducing risk factors and enhancing protection, including existing programs within Alta Vista with specific reference to Riverview Park – Comment on program results and planned future investments

– identify and discuss crime “hot spots” in Riverview Park, including their  location, historic patterns, trends and actions being taken to mitigate impacts


Police Resourcing

– identify and discuss the factors which impact how resources are allocated across Wards (e.g. rate of criminal incidents, severity of crime)

– discuss any differences in how police respond to crimes against a person vs. property crime OR property crimes targeted at a business vs. a residence

Incidents and Response (focus on theft from cars and incidents around Dale Park)

– police assessment of current incident situation in Riverview Park

– community expectations for how the OPS will address these crimes

– what complementary actions individuals and community can take

Looking to the Future

– OPS assessment of potential rise in crime resulting from increased population density (e.g. high rise developments at Trainyards & Elmvale Acres, commencement of Confederation Line service)

– Potential (continuing) risks from “criminal tourists” (west end car thefts, west end break & enter, retail parking lot wallet theft)