We are calling on Ottawa City Council to declare climate emergency now!

We are facing a climate emergency, and we need Ottawa to treat this crisis with the urgency it deserves. On April 16, councillor Shawn Menard is bringing forward a motion to the Environment Committee recognizing that we are in a state of emergency and demanding the time, money and resource necessary to tackle the climate crisis.

Join us for a rally outside Ottawa City Hall! This is our chance to demonstrate the support for climate action in Ottawa, and we need each and every one of you!

Following the rally, folks can join us at the Environment Committee meeting at 9:30. During the meeting, Ottawa residents will be making public presentations on why the City needs to step up on climate action. Bring your family, colleagues, friends, and relatives.

For more information about the rally and how else you can help out, visit: https://ecologyottawa.ca/ottawa-this-is-a-climate-emergency/