With Spring on the way, By-law & Regulatory Services (BLRS) is preparing for an increase in calls regarding injured and orphaned wildlife.

BLRS would like to remind residents that not all small wild animals found alone without an adult are orphans.

It is very common for mothers to leave their babies in the nest or den while they forage for food. In the majority of cases, these mothers will return to their young.

If you find a baby wild mammal on its own (skunk, raccoon, rabbit, squirrel, etc.), please contact the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary first before calling 3-1-1.

Please do not attempt to move the animal from its den/nest or to feed it. If a resident has already touched the animal, please return it to where it was found. It is a myth that the mother will reject her babies if they have been touched.

In addition, please note BLRS only responds to calls about injured or sick small wild animals.