Information below is copies from Councillor J.Leiper’s newsletter.

For the past several months, I’ve sat on a “sponsors group” of councillors prepping for this year’s refresh of the development charges (DCs) by-law. Yesterday, the draft background studies were released here (comprehensive) and here (area-specific). I’ll try to have a blog post up soon about development charges and why they’re so important. Briefly, DCs are fees charged to builders to offset capital costs to the City associated with growth. They pay for new roads, other infrastructure, new police, fire and library resources among other things. It’s important to know that the City is highly constrained on how much these DCs can be. Simplified, for most areas our consultants calculate a level of service that’s been provided for the previous 10 years, then apply that math to the City’s growth projections. For hard infrastructure, developers pay fees equivalent to 100% of their share of the anticipated growth for “hard” infrastructure and 80% of the “soft”. The DCs are calculated as a city-wide portion, and then for inside and outside the Greenbelt. One significant change recently was the ability granted to the City to calculate transit-related DCs on a go-forward basis, rather than historical.

DCs are complex, and this is a big document. I’ll be chatting soon with our community associations about how they can help focus resident input, and many of our civil society organizations will be engaged with the City expertly as well. I’ll be sure to post upcoming consultations.


The link to the March 15, 2019 report is: