YOU ARE INVITED to engage with the architects designing the new
Ottawa Public Library – Library and Archives Canada joint facility
to be built at 555 Albert Street in downtown Ottawa.
Register now to participate in-person in a workshop on
Thursday, February 28 from 6 pm to 9 pm, or
on Saturday, March 2 from 9 am to 12 noon.
This first phase of engagement, “Building Blocks” is focused
on shape and form in the context of the unique and inspiring site
at the western edge of downtown. If you would prefer to share input
online, a web portal will gather ideas locally and nationally in early March.
This is the first of four phases of public engagement on architectural
design concepts. The architects tasked with designing the joint facility
will incorporate inspiration and ideas from local residents, Indigenous
Canadians and people across the country over the next several months
through themed workshops, pop-up events, expert lectures, and online activities.
To register or for more information on public engagement about
this exciting City-building project of national and historic importance, please
For more information contact InfoService at 613-580-2940 or email