More Housing, Better Roads and transit,

With the Draft Budget 2019 tabled, there are still opportunities for the public to offer comments and input before the final Budget goes to Council for consideration on March 6.
Current highlights include:

  • $15 million towards 125 new affordable housing units.
  • An additional $9.8 million on addressing the infrastructure gap.
  • $13.5 million added to improve road surfaces.
  • $5.7 million to support resident care and quality of life in the City’s long-term care homes.
  • Over $85 million to refurbish, repair and replace old buses, establish new routes and meet emerging transit needs.
  • Almost $1.5 million to plant 500,000 trees, annually.
  • An extra $2.4 million for winter operations.

As the budget moves towards March 6, I want to hear from residents. Did City Staff hit the mark with direction from Council? Have they missed something? Or are we way off?

Let me know by emailing Jean Cloutier’s office at or by calling 613-580-2488.