It came to my attention in late November that the line painting on Alta Vista Drive (from Industrial to Smyth) was not completed following the repaving of a section of Alta Vista in the fall. I shared the concerns of the community, and was on-site with staff to view and discuss the issues in early December.

I was informed that given the earlier-than-anticipated onset of winter conditions, staff were unable to complete the line painting on Alta Vista Drive as planned. Paint does not adhere in the type of weather conditions we began experiencing in November, and for proper placement of the lines, the road must be dry and temperatures above freezing. Temporary pavement markings were applied in yellow and white tape to indicate where the line painting would be located.

Following the on-site meeting, I identified and requested a number of corrections:

  • The lines at Alta Vista and Dorion be corrected to reflect what was there prior to the repaving by using more tape or a hardier paint
  • The yellow dividing line down the length of Alta Vista be made clearer using tape or spray paint, i.e. extend the tape to reflect lines more so than dots, or add more dots between the existing dots
  • The placement of white dividing tape at the intersection of Alta Vista and Industrial be corrected
The following week, contractors took advantage of a brief reprieve in our weather conditions to heat the road and apply a strong paint that they expect will last until permanent paint is applied first thing in the spring. I am pleased to say that through site inspections, staff confirmed that the corrections greatly improved traffic flow and operations.