The Protocol for Wildlife Protection during Construction, approved by City Council in 2015 as part of the City’s Wildlife Strategy, speaks to the necessity of bringing forward clear guidelines for the protection of birds within the human built environment.
This project will research and develop bird-friendly design guidelines to address and help mitigate the issue of bird collisions on buildings and other structures in Ottawa.

The City recently initiated the development of Bird-friendly Design Guidelines to address the protection of birds in the human-built environment. The goals of this initiative are to protect against biodiversity loss, reduce threats to birds caused by buildings and other structures and enhance public awareness of the issue. Numerous large cities in Canada have already developed bird-friendly design guidelines, including, for example, Toronto, Markham and Vancouver. Those existing guidelines, along with best practices identified from other North American cities, are expected to provide the basis for Ottawa’s guidelines.
Ottawa’s Bird-friendly Design Guidelines will provide best management practices in three core areas related to the design and operation of buildings and other structures

Here is the link to the City’s Bird Friendly Design Guidelines consultation page: