Residential neighbourhoods in Ottawa built after 2009 often have reduced speed limits of 40 km/h. Many older neighbourhoods don’t. That’s about to change.

Beginning this fall, a new type of speed limit sign will be posted at the entrances and exits of some older Ottawa neighbourhoods. These signs look like any other speed limit signs, with one exception: they have an “Area” panel attached.

New type of speed limit signs

When entering a neighbourhood with an ”Area” speed limit sign, motorists should be aware that the lower speed limit is in effect for all streets within that area. The limit only changes after road users pass a sign indicating the end of the reduced speed limit.

By placing signs at only the entrance and exit points of select areas, residents will be able to enjoy neighbourhoods that aren’t cluttered with speed limit signs on every street.

Reducing speeds will also help to make the neighbourhood safer for pedestrians, cyclists and children playing in the area.

The signs will begin appearing in downtown Ottawa neighbourhoods, with many additional neighbourhoods added by the end of 2019.