Following the 2016 AGM, a governance committee was formed to review the Association’s practices related to elections, budgets and AGM documentation in relation to the bylaws/constitution of the organization. These were some of the actions:

· In March 2017 the Committee presented its findings to the Board, highlighting certain inconsistencies between the practices of the Association and the governing rules.

· The Board made some modifications in its practices to meet the requirements of the bylaws where practical.

· The Governance committee reported at the 2017 AGM that it was recommending a review of the bylaws for the new Board to either become fully compliant with the existing rules or to make amendments which would meet current practices and or best practices for similar organizations.

Methodology Used

The following methodology was utilized to arrive at the proposed amendment to the current bylaws:

· A review of previous Board’s work with respect to possible recommendations to amend/supplement the Associations Bylaws. For example, in 2014 a paper was provided to the Board with a suggestion of possible changes to governance for the Board to consider, though no subsequent action was taken by the Board at that time.

· A review of best practices of other community associations (several local organization bylaws were reviewed and compared).

· Current Board members were all asked to review the bylaws/constitution toward identifying deficiencies and a better way forward.

· Other RPCA Members (not currently part of the Board but with prior involvement in RPCA by-law matters) provided their detailed opinion both before a draft was prepared and after.

· Following review of the input received, a draft amending document was created and was presented to the Board for a full review/discussion/deliberation.

· The existing board scheduled meetings to discuss debate and deliberate on the proposed amendments (each Board member was provided the background information on previous comments and suggestions made about the bylaws to compare to the final product).

The final version of the amended bylaws was accepted by the Board for presentation to the membership for discussion and vote. A notice of these changes was sent out to members and posted on the RPCA website on August 18, 2018 – 60 days prior to the 2018 AGM (as provided in the Association’s Constitution.) As per the direction of the Board at its October 10, 2018 meeting, the amendments have been broken down into three categories for ease of potential discussion, if required. The Board intends to put the first two categories to the membership for a vote at the October 17, 2018 AGM. The remaining amendments (Amendments related to Election of Board Members and Composition of the Board) are being tabled for consideration at a later date. These amendments are highlighted in YELLOW in the first document.

Please click the link for the full documents:

RPCA Bylaws proposed amendments

RPCA Bylaws Changes Rationale