This is to advise that the applicant (Controlex) has submitted a 2nd submission regarding the two proposed 20-storey residential towers at 200, 230 and 260 Steamline Street in the Ottawa Train Yards.

New information has been posted to our Devapps website. 

Link to Devapps – Steamline application: postingplans/appDetails.jsf? lang=en&appId=__AYYR8P

Please find below a summary of the changes…

– Reduction in towers to 20 storeys
– Updated Planning Rational to address High Rise Housing Guidelines
– Both Towers (100 and 200) have shifted approximately 5 metres to the west (towards Sanford Fleming)
– The layby off Sanford Fleming has been reduced in size
– Elevation details have been more refined
– The quasi-public open space at the SE corner of Steamline and Sandford Fleming has been redesigned to address staff comments
– The groundfloor entrance for Tower 200 has been revised to provide a main entrance off the private street
– Depressed curbs have been identified on the plans
– Sidewalks have been dimensioned to meet minimum requirements
– Dedicated right-turn lanes from Steamline Street into the site have been removed (to ensure Steamline remains a pedestrian and cycling friendly street)
– Sidewalk connectivity has been realigned from Building 200 to Sanford Fleming to make a more direct link
– Groundfloor patios have been removed in lieu of usable patio spaces
– Both vertical and horizontal massing breaks have been provided on the elevations plans/dwgs