0418 volunteerVolunteers! What would our communities do without them? After all, they are almost 13 million strong.

Think about it. Our unpaid labour force is the backbone of our communities. Without them, who would:

  • Run our Community Associations that provide so many community functions, events and programs
  • Run and coach our youth sports leagues
  • Raise funds for and run school activities
  • Provide services in hospitals and other care facilities
  • Carry out functions sponsored by faith-based groups
  • Perform vital roles like our volunteer firefighters
  • Organise and sponsor important parts of our democratic process like all-candidate debates
  • Assist in public libraries, museums and public parks

And so, much, much more!

Can you imagine such a community? Such a nation?  Neither can we.

Our volunteers are the backbones of our communities!

Know one? Give them a big hug or a handshake and say “thanks!”.

Better yet, become one yourself and experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from the giving of one`s time to something that is important to you!  The RPCA is always in need of volunteers, whether just to pitch in and help clean up a park, sell memberships or assist at a community event etc.

Volunteer today!