Riverview Park Community Association Comments on Proposal for Steamline Drive Residential Units

As the Community Association within whose boundaries the Steamline Drive property lies, we are supportive of the concept of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and want to ensure that the proposed complex – beginning with Phase I and continuing with subsequent Phases II and III – is designed to encourage residents to use public transit (especially given proximity to newer LRT station at Tremblay), cycling and walking – rather than driving. We also want to make sure the new residential units have a community aspect and are also integrated well with the existing Riverview Park neighbourhood. In addition, we believe it is important for the new complex to be as attractive as possible and sustainably designed (ideally with green roofs) so that residents/tenants will want to stay on a more long-term basis – (E.g. staying longer with less turnover)

Community consultations in 2000-01 before the Original Report was tabled to City of Ottawa Planning and Development Committee included recommendations for including a residential component – and a recognition of the need for a transit link to VIA station and Transitway to facilitate easy public transit to and from the Trainyards complex.

We have the following concerns and questions:

1)    We believe that the additional residential units trigger the need for the link to the Train Station that is required in the original agreement with Trainyards from 2000/2001 (preferably over VIA tracks), especially given the TOD status. This required Transitway Connection is set out in Section 18.4.1 of the Report to Planning and Development Committee that was submitted on April 18, 2001 (REF#ACS2001- DEV-APR-0016). Following the original consultations in 2000-2001, this was an important stipulation for the project to go ahead.

2) What are the ramifications from the additional vehicles from the new buildings (eventually 1884 new residences) on the existing already congested roads,? (especially Industrial/Riverside/Alta Vista Drive).  What are the measures that are proposed to address this concern, particularly access and egress issues?

3)   Questions about parking space ratios (are all those spots really needed, especially since this is supposed to be a TOD project and should therefore be encouraging people to take public transit and not cars)?

4) We want to ensure that the need for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure -so residents can easily walk to Trainyards stores rather than drive as well as being able to cross Industrial Avenue? (e.g. potential link at Neighbourhood Way?)

5)  We believe it is important to include exterior recreational space (greenery and parks components) to help build a more desirable, liveable and attractive community atmosphere for new resident?

6)   Placement of building look at how the buildings are placed to make sure that there is enough space in between them and that the visual impact of high-rises is minimized

We will be providing additional detailed comments in the near future

Thank you for taking our comments into account

Kris Nanda, President, Riverview Park Community Association